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Roofing Services

Our main roofing services are aimed at getting your roof looking exactly the way you want it! Replacements have never been easier than with Ability Roofiing! We can apply a new shingle coating on your damaged shingles to restore the appearance of your roof as well as provide a waterproof surface to help prevent water from entering your house.

residential roofing
Roof Replacement

Has your roof taken all it can stand? Our team can step in to begin the process of creating a brand new roof for you. With the harsh weather here in East Texas, some roofs might need to be replaced before you expect them to require that service. When you’re faced with a nasty surprise like that, Ability Roofing can make the process go quickly and with a friendly budget.

Roof Repair

If your roof has light damage, we’re your team. We can apply a new shingle coating on your damaged shingles to restore the appearance of your roof as well as provide a waterproof surface to help prevent water from entering your house. Re-roofing has never been easier! We’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently, taking care to avoid disrupting your daily schedule as much as possible.

Metal Roofing and Installation

You can rely on Ability Roofing for a wide range of metal roofing products. We offer metal roofs such as galvanized steel roofs to metal panels. We’ve got it all! To learn more about our commercial metal roofing services, please contact us today. You might think that metal roofs are more complicated than traditional roofing projects, but our team of experts will get it done in no time!

Tree Services

We know that trees can impact your roof just as much as bad weather can. And when bad weather hits while your trees are untrimmed or unsteady? That’s a recipe for disaster. Call Ability Roofing if there are any tree services that can benefit your property.

Tree Trimming

As determined by a professional arborist, your trees and shrubs need periodic trimming and pruning for optimum protection and longevity. We can help you keep your trees strong and more resilient to disease, weather, and more.

Tree Removal

Sick and dying trees can be a threat to your house and surrounding trees in the area. Don't let diseased, damaged trees become a bigger issue. We'll inspect your trees to determine their condition and decide if they should be removed.


Ability Roofing specializes in home siding in addition to roofing projects. These siding services can protect your home from animals as well as prevent water from getting through any holes, splices, and overlaps of boxed siding that might have gone unnoticed. Siding does all that for your building while offering a more appealing aesthetic to the exterior of your home.


When you’re planning to remodel your home, call Ability Roofing for the contractors you’ll want. Whether your remodeling involves new construction or simply adjusting the existing structures, you’ll want a team you can trust- which is exactly what Ability Roofing can provide for you.

Other Services

We have the ability to help you out with many kinds of projects, even if they aren’t directly related to your roof.
If you’re in need of any services to be done to the exterior of your property here in Crocket, Texas, give Ability Roofing, Inc. a call today!

Pressure Washing

For a professional-looking level of cleaning for your property, call us to have a pressure washing service scheduled. Whether you’re hosting a party, fixing up an older property, or simply feel like getting your place grime-free, our pressure washing services will get the job done.

Porches and Awnings

Structures outside can take a beating from the weather, but they can add a great deal of fun, shade, and access to the great outdoors. Contact us for porch and awning construction or repair.

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No matter what services you’re looking for, Ability Roofing has your back. We can help if you need roof repairs, siding replacement, a metal roof installed, or any other projects on your East Texas property. All your roofing needs can be taken care of by our team of professionals. Call us today!